A conversation with Bruno Belamich, Creative Director of richard mille replica watches

A conversation with Bruno Belamich, Creative Director of richard mille replica watches

richard mille replica watches

Revolution sat down with the co-founder and creative director of Bell & Ross to discuss the changing face of the brand.

Bell & Ross has always been an uncompromisingly avant-garde brand, but lately, vintage seems to be becoming more and more important.

Every year we have to launch new products… it's a big, big part of our business. Everyone wants new products… journalists, customers, retailers. After 10 years of working on the retro collection, we thought it was a good time to redesign it, develop it and fine-tune it. So, for the third generation of the collection, richard mille replica watches choose we changed the size of the watch to make it 1mm smaller. It's not much, but it's important because after years of oversized watches, there is a demand for normal watches.

Bruno Bellamici, richard mille replica watches Creative Director of Bell & Ross

This millimetre makes a big difference.

I agree that it doesn't fit into the richard mille replica watches smaller ones. That's why we have two sizes in this new collection. 41 mm and 38.5 mm. For most people in the market this is a small watch, but over 30 years ago, 38mm was a big watch for a man. We have also changed the lugs to make them more rounded and introduced a new stainless steel strap with small links, which is very comfortable. The inspiration comes from the 1960s and 1970s.

We introduced different versions – a basic black dial, our best-selling model, with a blue dial with gold indexes, and a new version with this particular brown or gold dial directly inspired by the 1950s and a story about a belly tanker. It's a story about hot rods and the guys who lived on the West Coast of America, who loved fast cars and had the idea of taking the fuel tanks from old planes and building cars out of them. Maybe a year or two ago I saw a Tommy Hilfiger ad with a beautiful man and woman kissing on a salt flat and next to them was a belly tanker.